Aura Of Worlds


Aura of Worlds is a creative strategy rogue-lite platformer.

Aura of Worlds is a creative strategy rogue-lite platformer. It has a strong focus on exploration, improvisation and manipulating the environment to your advantage. You survive through utilising your wits, reflexes and creative abilities.




Aura of Worlds Features:

  • Over 60 unique enemies and traps.
  • Each world has its own unique style of generationm, hazards and level themes.
     Such include tidal corridors filled with mines, rising lava, caverns lined with toxic and carnvirous plants...
  • A plethora of creative abilities ranging from parkhour to cloaking to warping time itself!
  • Every object has multiple uses E.g. you can grab that lantern from the ceiling, and carry it around to use as a portable light source or improvised flaming molotov...
  • Hand crafted pixel art and animations by Jessica Turner and Lachlan Cartland
  • Custom sound/music by Mat Dwyer and Amanda J. Lim
  • Each situation is intended to be challenging but solvable with planning and agility. For example there is a laser force field trap in front of you. Do you...
    • Throw an enemy into it?
    • Use a force field
    • Blow up the conduit with a grenade?
    • Blink through it at the cost of mana
    • Cloak yourself to pass through undetected?
  • There are a multitude of mechanics such as cones of visions for enemies, turret hacking, grab and throw almost everything, mouse aiming, 2d spherical lighting and terraforming...